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The Scale-up route is for talented individuals recruited by a UK business that meets the definition of a qualifying Scale-up sponsor.

If you wish to sponsor a Scale-up Worker, you must hold a valid sponsor licence for the Scale-up route. If you do not already hold such a licence, you must apply for one by completing the online application form, paying the relevant application fee, and submitting any required supporting evidence or information.

If you already hold a valid licence to sponsor workers, you can apply to add the Scale-up route to that licence. The Scale-up route is classified as a ‘Temporary Worker’ route for sponsor licensing purposes. This means you will pay the standard Temporary Worker fee for a sponsor licence or to assign a Certificate of Sponsorship on this route.

Specific requirements for a Scale-up licence

In addition to the general requirements for a sponsor licence, a Scale up business must:

Qualifying Scale-up sponsor

You must meet both of the following criteria:

  • you must have an annualised growth of at least 20% for the previous 3-year period based on either employment (your staff count) or your turnover
  • you must have had a minimum of 10 employees at the start of the relevant 3-year period

Evidence or information for Scale-Up Sponsor

You will not normally need to send any documents with your application unless you are either:

  • applying at the same time to be licensed on another route, or other routes, in which case you must submit any documents or information relevant to that route, or those routes
  • required to be registered with, or inspected or monitored by, a regulatory body to operate lawfully in the UK

You must give us the following information when you complete your online sponsor licence application form:

  • your Companies House reference number, if you are required to be registered with Companies House, or your Unique Taxpayer reference number, or numbers
  • your VAT registration number
  • all relevant PAYE reference numbers

You must provide all PAYE reference numbers through which you pay your employees (including any settled or unsponsored workers) so automated checks can confirm:

  • you had at least 10 employees at the start of the 3-year assessment period (this is required for both employment growth and turnover growth assessments)
  • whether your employment count has increased by at least 20% for the 3-year period (this is required to pass the employment growth assessment)

If you fail to provide all relevant PAYE reference numbers, your application is likely to be delayed or refused.

How long your licence is valid for

A sponsor licence is valid for 4 years unless you surrender it or it is revoked before then. Unlike most other sponsored work routes, you cannot renew your Scale-up licence beyond 4 years. If you wish to continue to have the option of sponsoring overseas workers after this period, you must apply to be licensed on another route (for example, Skilled Worker), if you have not already done so.

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