Child Contact Agreement

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After a relationship breakdown, it is clear that in cases where children are involved, you and your ex-spouse or partner will want to act in the best interests of the child. To do this, you might want to set up a child support arrangements. If you want to know more about your rights in this regard, need help with the legal side of child matters, or want advice on whether a current agreement is legally sound, contact the child law specialists at Connaught Law.
We advise and represent on a broad range family law matters relating to children including:
  • Parental disputes
  • Child arrangement orders
  • Special guardianship
  • Raising and caring for young children, for example by grandparents
  • Child education and fee arrangements
  • Financial provision for children
  • Taking children to live or travel abroad
  • Surrogacy, parental orders and family creation

Child custody matters

It’s better for both the children and parents if you can agree on any child custody issues that arise from divorce or separation. This is, however, not always possible during what is often an emotionally charged time.

Whenever possible, the Family Law Solicitors at Connaught Law will act to avoid conflict and to reach amicable solutions through negotiation.

Call our Child Custody Solicitors for an initial consultation on 0203 909 8399 or contact us online.

If this is not possible, and as a last resort, it may be necessary for both parties to go through Court proceedings. If this is the case, our expert Child Custody Solicitors will give you the best legal advice and support at every stage; and work to get the very best solution for you and the children.

Benefits of private child maintenance agreement

  • It can help you to maintain a cordial relationship with the other parent.
  • Gives you added flexibility – e.g. you can agree with you how much you need to pay, and when to make payments.
  • If your financial circumstances change, you can adjust your arrangement with immediate effect, as long as the other parent agrees.
  • The ways in which you make payments may be flexible – e.g. you may wish to make payments in the form of new shoes or school uniforms for your child instead of cash.

Our experienced family law solicitors can help to sort our issues involving issues relating to children, and maintenance agreements. Speak to our family law solicitors for no obligation free advice.

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