Lease Extension Calculator

Lease Extension Calculator

Years left on lease:



Ground Rent (average):

per annum

Property Value (if extended)?:


Lower: £0

Average: £0

Upper: £0


This calculator will give you a general estimate of the premium for a lease extension for a flat. It is based on data available on a national level and does not take into account local factors that may impact on the premium.

It cannot give you the actual costs. In considering the likely total cost, you should also bear in mind the leaseholder's liability for the landlord's costs. The eventual cost of the new lease will be the premium plus both your own and the landlord's "reasonable" professional costs.

The estimate is likely to be helpful where there is no evidence of comparable transactions. Whether another transaction is comparable for these purposes is always determined on a case by case basis.


It cannot give you a definitive figure, merely an indicative value range.

The estimate produced by the calculator should not be treated as a formal or professional valuation and is not a substitute for obtaining such a professional valuation. You should not take any action in reliance on the estimate without seeking formal advice from a surveyor, property lawyer or other qualified professional first.

Lease Extension Calculator Information

The above three figures should give you a reasonably accurate guideline to the likely premium that a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal would calculate using statutory methods.

How is your lease extension cost calculated?

Ground Rent Loss

Freeholder's lost ground rent - £0

Ground Rent: £0 per annum

Years Purchase factor for 0 years @6%: 0

Freeholder's Ground Rent entitlement: £0

Reversionary Interest

Reversionary Interest - £0

Value of the leasehold property if it was extended by 90 years: £0

Deferred for 0 years at a rate of 5%: £0

Deferred for 90 years at a rate of 5%: £0

Diminution in landlord's value: £0

Marriage Value

Marriage Value - £0

This only applies if the existing lease term has less than 80 years remaining.

Tenant's future interest: £0

Landlord's future interest: £0

Landlord's and Tenant's future interest: £0

Tenant's current interest: £0 using relativity of

Landlord's current interest: £0

Landlord's current interest: £28,962

Landlord's and Tenant's current interest: £0

Difference between future and current interests: £0

Marriage value is half of the above: £0

Adding the 3 factors together:

Total Lease Extension Cost - £0

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