Charity Worker

The Charity Worker visa category is for those wanting to undertake unpaid voluntary fieldwork which contributes directly to the achievement or advancement of the sponsor’s charitable purpose in the UK.

‘Voluntary fieldwork’ is defined as activities that would not normally be offered at a waged or salaried rate, and which contribute directly to the achievement or advancement of the sponsor’s charitable purpose. It does not include work in support of the sponsor’s charitable purpose including, for example, routine back-office administrative roles, retail or other sales roles, fund-raising roles and roles involved in the maintenance of the sponsor’s offices and other assets.

This category cannot be used to temporarily fill a position that is required on a permanent basis.

Length of stay

Usually until one month after the period of work stated on your certificate of sponsorship, and up to 1 year with extensions.

Maintenance funds

The Charity Worker visa applicants must have funds of at least £945 unless their Tier 5 sponsor can guarantee their maintenance with the UK Home Office. Only ‘A rated’ sponsors have this option.

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