Constructive Dismissal Claim

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If your employer has done something that seriously breaches your contract, you might be able to resign and make a claim to an employment tribunal. This is called constructive dismissal.  If you take your claim to an employment tribunal without help and advice, you’re likely to lose.

Examples of constructive dismissal

You might be able to make a claim for constructive dismissal if you resigned because of your employer:

  • allowed people to bully or harass you at work
  • made unreasonable changes to how you work, for example by forcing you to work longer hours
  • demoted you
  • refused to pay you
  • didn’t make sure your working environment was safe
  • took away benefits your contract says you get, like your company car
  • didn’t give you the support you needed to do your job

Experienced Employment Law Solicitors

We give specialist advice to a broad range of employers, ranging from London based, to national and multi-national employers. Our clients include companies and other businesses, barristers’ chambers, sports clubs, charities, schools, regulatory bodies and trade organisations.

We also represent individuals, advising both senior and junior employees in relation to all employment issues. We understand that bringing a claim against an employer is stressful and provide appropriate support to employees through what can be a difficult process.

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