Creative and Sporting

Creative and Sporting visa category is for applicants in the creative and sporting sector who are entering the United Kingdom for short-term contracts/engagements in the United Kingdom.

For sportspeople, you must be internationally established at the highest level in your sport and/or your employment will make a significant contribution to the development and operation of that particular sport in this country; coaches must also be suitably qualified to fulfil the role in question.

In order for a Certificate of Sponsorship to be assigned for a sportsperson under Tier 5 (Temporary Worker – Creative and Sporting), the sponsor will need to have an endorsement for you from the appropriate governing body for your sport. The endorsement will confirm that:

  • you are internationally established at the highest level; and/or
  • your employment will make a significant contribution to the development of your sport at the highest level in the UK; and
  • your post could not be filled by a suitable settled worker. 100. The endorsement will be obtained from the governing body by your sponsor. You must provide the original letter issued by the governing body containing the endorsement as part of your application for leave or entry clearance.

For a creative worker and their entourage operating in dance, theatre, or film and television, the sponsor must commit to following the specified code of practice specified in the Immigration Rules, which includes taking into account the needs of the resident labour market in that area. Where your job is not covered by a specific code of practice, your sponsor must show that the post could not have been filled by a settled worker. Examples to demonstrate this might be recruitment activity undertaken, written support from an appropriate industry representative body or sector labour market information.

English language requirement

Tier 5 visa applicants may be required to complete an English test if they are not nationals of an English-speaking country or have not completed any academic courses in English.

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