Intra Company Transfer

The Intra Company Transfer is used by multinational organisations to transfer skilled employees from overseas to fill a post in the UK. The Intra Company Transfer is a subcategory of Skilled worker visa and sponsorship conditions are quite similar to those for skilled worker visa. If your overseas employer has given you a job at a UK branch of the organisation, the occupation must be on the UK shortage occupation list. You must have been operating for the foreign employer for at least 12 months unless your salary is £73,900 or longer. The UK branch must be sponsoring your visa program. They will have to assign you a Certificate of Sponsorship for you before you may apply for your visa.

The important elements the applicant needs to meet are as follows:

  • Have worked for a parent company overseas for at least 12 months which has a UK branch that holds a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence;
  • Have been issued a certificate of sponsorship by the UK branch that wants to transfer the employee from the overseas company to the UK branch of the same company;
  • Score enough points for their ‘attributes’;
  • Have enough money for their living costs in the United Kingdom;
  • If applying from inside the UK (for leave that would extend the stay under this category for over 3 years) to meet the (basic) English Language requirement.

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Companies can choose from one of the four subcategories listed below under which to transfer their employee depending on the company’s goals and objectives:

  • Tier 2 ICT Long Term Staff – for companies who want to transfer an established and skilled member of staff to the UK branch for 12 months or more;
  • Tier 2 ICT Short Term Staff – for companies who want to transfer an established and skilled member of staff to the UK branch for less than 12 months; (closed now)
  • Tier 2 ICT Graduate Trainee – for companies to send a recent graduate member of staff to the UK branch as part of their graduate training programme with a view to giving them a managerial or specialist role in the company;
  • Tier 2 ICT Skills Transfer – for companies who want to send a member of staff to the UK branch to either learn from the UK company how to use their skills and knowledge to work overseas or to share with the UK company the skills and knowledge that they possess.

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