Medical Negligence

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Medical negligence means all the harmful consequences of a medical act, whether it is an act of diagnosis, prevention, surgery or care (even under emergency circumstances).

The damages that you will be able to get eventually repaired are the ones that you should never have suffered without this medical accident. It must be an accident and not a failure of care.

In principle, you will get compensation for your damage only in cases where you can prove the fault of the health professional (doctor, dental surgeons, midwives, nurses, masseurs physiotherapists etc ..) or that of the health establishment (clinic, hospital …).

It is possible to be compensated without any issue. This is called compensation for medical negligence resulting from a “therapeutic hazard”.

Medical negligence compensation

During your claim, a solicitor competent in Medical Law, will accompany you, represent you and ensure the defence of your interests throughout the procedure, amicable or contentious, during the medical expertise, before the administrative authorities ) and the competent courts (Administrative Court, High Court).

To do this they consider the impact of your injury on you and your family and any expenses you’ve suffered, including:

  • The type of injury you’ve suffered
  • The severity and lasting effects of your injury
  • Your salary and loss of earnings
  • Daily expenses
  • Medical expenses, including any treatment you’ve received as well as recommended future treatment

If you’re interested in getting an estimated settlement figure before you contact us, you can try our industry leading compensation calculator.

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