Motorcycle Accident Claims

For a free consultation or to claim compensation for cycling accident injuries, call our specialist personal injury lawyers on 0203 909 8399 or start your claim online to get a free callback.

A motorcycle accident can result in injuries that have a lasting impact on your life, and the lives of your loved ones. Our motorcycle accident claims team is experienced in helping bikers get the compensation they need to overcome the pain and trauma of a crash, guiding victims through the complex claims process whilst offering immediate and ongoing support.

Working with you to establish the circumstances of your motorbike accident claim, our specialist team of personal injury lawyers will focus on securing a settlement which reflects the impact the injury has had on your life.

Our No Win No Fee Promise

Choose to make a claim for motorcycle accident compensation with us, and you’ll receive expert legal advice and support throughout the process. Our personal injury solicitors will work with you on a no win no fee basis, meaning it won’t cost you a penny upfront to make a claim.

If your motorcycle accident claim is settled successfully, our solicitor’s fees, plus any insurance costs, will be deducted from the total settlement sum. Our no win no fee promise means there is zero financial risk in seeking legal advice following a motorbike accident, so you make a claim in complete confidence and get the justice you deserve.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, our expert solicitors can help you claim motorbike accident compensation to cover the cost of medical treatment and repairs.

Our Solicitors truly understand the specific needs of bikers and the unique challenges faced riding motorbikes on today’s busy roads. We are also aware of the prejudice that bikers can face after a motorbike accident, and you can be confident Connaught Law personal injury lawyers will fight for your legal rights.

How much compensation can you get a motorbike accident?

  • the severity of injuries sustained
  • medical treatment and care costs
  • anticipated future treatment and care
  • loss or reduction of mental or physical capacity
  • general pain and suffering
  • lost earnings during recovery and if unable to return to work
  • damage to the motorbike and protective equipment
  • other expenses including travel costs and potential property damage

In some matters, an accident or illness can cause an existing injury to worsen. A claim may also be possible under these conditions.

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