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If you been involved in a road accident in the last 3 years with no fault of your own, you may be entitled to get a compensation. Call our personal injury lawyers on 0203 909 8399 or contact us online.

An accident victim has the right to full reparation for damages suffered, this is a fundamental principle. Faced with the medical expertise that will determine the extent of the after-effects and injuries suffered, the victims of accidents (traffic, medical, domestic, offences…) are most often unprepared to be in front of professionals that would supervise the compensation.

The risks of impartiality and inequality between the insurer (who will have to pay) and the victim are not without consequences for the victim of an accident and bodily injury.

Most often the victim of a bodily injury is not assisted by their medical and legal advisers and present themselves alone at the invitation of the medical adviser of the insurer, although the law requires the insurer to inform the victim that may be assisted by a medical officer and a lawyer.

Often the accident victim is persuaded by the arguments of some insurers who try to dissuade them from being assisted by a lawyer by claiming legal fees and that could, in their opinion, slow down their compensation.

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident with no fault of your own, you may be entitled to file a compensation claim.

Nearly all road traffic accidents fall into the following categories:

However, your experience may not fall into any of these claim types. If this applies to you then please don’t worry, it’s likely we can still help you.

Making a personal injury claim

To be able to claim with our expert solicitors and us, your road accident must have:

  • Happened within the last three years
  • Been somebody else’s fault
  • Caused injury to you

What’s considered in your compensation

As each claim is completely unique to the person involved in the accident, what’s considered and makes up your compensation may vary.

Our personal injury solicitors typically look to recover compensation for any impact your road accident and injury has had on your life. This could include:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Future loss of income and effects on your career prospects
  • Any changes to your ability to work
  • The care or support you’ve received, even if this has been given for free from family or friends
  • Any adaptations you might need
  • Any travel costs you’ve had to cover

Because there are so many factors considered when your expert solicitor negotiates your compensation, we’re not able to tell you how much you could receive before you begin your claim. But you can try our compensation calculator, which can give you an estimate.

For a more accurate and detailed evaluation of your car accident claim please use the Live Chat feature, phone our solicitors on 0203 909 8399, or you can fill in the Call Back form on the page and we can call you back at a convenient time for you. Most phone calls take on average 5 – 10 minutes. It’s free to call and there is no obligation to start a claim with us.

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