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Public transport injuries are the result of accidents involving buses, coaches, taxis, light rail systems – such as the London Underground – and trains. Examples of accidents on public transport include:

  • Cuts, bruises and broken bones in the aftermath of a train crash
  • Suffering whiplash following a collision between a bus and a car
  • Falling in a bus carriage due to reckless driving
  • Being hurt after the bus/coach driver pulls away while a passenger steps on or off the vehicle.

Drivers of public transport vehicles, such as buses, are expected to drive with reasonable care to prevent accidents. However, injuries frequently occur due to heavy braking, particularly on buses. If a driver hits the brakes too hard and you fall and injure yourself, you may be eligible to claim for damages. If you have been injured on a bus, train or other form of public transport, you need to speak to a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible, as public transport companies have highly experienced claims handlers whose job it is to counter personal injury claims from passengers.

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All carriers and other companies responsible for public transport, including bus, train, ship and airline operators, have a duty of care to protect passengers are comply with applicable health and safety standards.

Bringing a public transport-related claim can become complex if a number of different organisations are involved. For example, the rail network involves separate companies responsible for operating the trains, platforms and tracks. A solicitor will determine which party (or parties) is responsible for the accident.

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