Financial Settlements

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When a marriage or Civil Partnership breaks down, any assets, financial or otherwise, have to be divided between the two parties. Many factors are taken into account when deciding who receives which assets, and there are numerous options available to divide these assets successfully.

When going through a divorce or separation, money might be the last thing on your mind. Or it may be one of your biggest worries. At some point, the family budget will need to be addressed, and you may find yourself wondering if you will have enough to live on.

What’s Involved with Finances after Divorce?

The process can be relatively straightforward, whereby direct negotiations between the two partners occur, or more complex, whereby Court proceedings are needed in order to divide assets amicably.

During a divorce process, the courts will aim to support you and your ex-partner in dividing things fairly and equally, including your shared assets, joint bank accounts, and the ongoing needs of any children you may have. Generally, the needs of the children are considered first and then, working on the understanding that happier parents mean happier children, the needs of the separating parents are considered next.

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We are experts in this area and can advise you once full and frank disclosure of both parties’ financial circumstances have been obtained on what would be a fair financial settlement for you.  We take into account all of the relevant financial circumstances and help you negotiate your financial settlement. Where it is not possible to reach an agreement with your partner, we can represent you by robustly pursuing proceedings on your behalf, the objective being obtaining a successful outcome for yourself.

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