Shareholder Disputes

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When shareholders are no longer in agreement, action must be taken swiftly. The value of the business is directly affected by the disputes that persist. Our experienced team of litigator know this and act accordingly. Our commitment to shareholder support is threefold.

First, availability. When a dispute arises between shareholders, the lawyer consulted frees his schedule and makes himself available on a priority basis. Identifying the sources of the problem and defining a solution strategy cannot wait. We are available 24/7 to meet your needs.

Second, the establishment of interim management. When tension rises between shareholders, the company’s business is put at risk. We prioritize the implementation of all the mechanisms that are useful and necessary for the protection of shareholder equity pending the definitive resolution of conflicts. Otherwise, the solution sometimes arrives too late.

Thirdly, the identification and deployment of a permanent solution. With the help of tax teams, corporate law and labour law, the shareholders’ conflict group lawyers identify with the shareholders that they represent the permanent solutions to the problems encountered and take the necessary steps to implement them.

Our areas of expertise

We have extensive experience in dealing with commercial corporate disputes, which enables us to focus our advice directly on the area most relevant to you. Our experience also means that you can be confident that your case is dealt with by an appropriate specialist in the field and will be supervised by a partner with significant knowledge of the area.

Our specialist team is able to provide advice on resolving a broad range of commercial corporate disputes whether by litigation, negotiation or some form of mediation. We advise on:

  • Unfair prejudice and minority protection actions
  • Deadlocked board disputes
  • Disputes about directors’ fiduciary duties
  • Disputes within residents’ management companies
  • Joint venture disputes
  • Breach of warranty and misrepresentation claims, including those relating to the acquisition and disposal of businesses
  • Disputes about restrictive covenants and confidentiality agreements
  • Shareholder and investor disputes
  • Removal of shareholders and directors
  • Misconduct and negligence claims
  • General corporate governance issues

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