Unfair Dismissal

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We fully understand that people are often in very different circumstances when it comes to unfair dismissal from work, from amicable to highly acrimonious situations.

Being sacked from your job can come as a huge shock and it often feels unfair. The legal term for being sacked is ‘dismissal’. Your employer is allowed to dismiss people, but if they do it unfairly you can challenge your dismissal.

You can only challenge a dismissal if you can show it actually happened. You’ve been dismissed if your employer has done any of the following:

  • ended your contract of employment, with or without notice
  • refused to renew your fixed-term contract
  • made you redundant, including voluntary redundancy
  • dismissed you for going on strike
  • stopped you from coming back to work after maternity leave
  • You’ll need evidence you were dismissed, such as an official termination letter, or emails and text messages from your employer.

You haven’t been dismissed if you’ve:

  • been suspended
  • resigned by choice
  • Your employer should tell you why they’re dismissing you. If you’re pregnant or have worked there for at least 2 years, you’ve got the right to get a written explanation – this should be a letter or email.

The law says it’s always unfair if you’re dismissed because of:

  • an ‘automatically unfair’ reason
  • discrimination

If your dismissal is because of one or both of these reasons, you can challenge it.

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