Shareholder Agreements

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We stop and unravel problems for shareholders in private businesses. Our solutions consider where the equilibrium of power and your interests lie. Our expertise covers not only the legal issues and drafting but also the tax consequences.

Being a shareholder in a firm may be a very attractive place to maintain. Not only are you going to get to play an active role in deciding, together with the firm’s management, the general direction of the company, you’ll also probably have the ability to gain from the company’s success through dividends.

But it ought to be pointed out that even investors also address a substantial level of danger. Circumstances can be challenging and investors’ interests can be overruled in scenarios in which they just like a minority interest in a company, with no means of affecting decisions agreed by most. It’s in these cases that a Shareholder Agreement can be rather helpful.

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  • Putting in place the most effective corporate structure for future expansion;
  • Assessing the rights of minority shareholders;
  • Strategy for valuing shares in private businesses;
  • Organising shareholder exits outside of a trade sale;
  • Minimising tax on share transactions without avoidance.

What to do next

Connaught company and commercial law experts have extensive experience in the drafting of and advising on shareholders’ agreements. We take the time to understand the needs and objectives of our clients and deliver agreements which are tailored accordingly.

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