Non Resident Taxation

Individuals that aren’t domiciled in the united kingdom, or maybe not resident, quite often require detailed UK tax information in regard to overseas capital and income, whether held personally or through offshore trusts or company arrangements.

We’ve got a very astute comprehension of the united kingdom taxation problems which you want to take into account if there’s an global component to your own business.

Legislation in this field has become more and more intricate. The UK’s Finance Act 2008 introduced new guidelines regarding the income tax and capital gains tax treatment of individuals who are UK residents but not UK domiciled for tax purposes. A new regime was introduced to specify ‘home’ and also a brand new tax charge was levied on UK land held inside a provider.

We can assist in many of distinct conditions. As an instance, you might be unsure if you’re UK domiciled or not and in that case, we could analyze this together with you to recognize the suitable position.

If you’re a beneficiary of an offshore trust in receipt of a funding payment we can offer information on your right tax position. We could advise trustees of an offshore trust requiring guidance on the united kingdom tax consequences of obligations to beneficiaries.

You could be considering moving overseas, or arriving to reside in the united kingdom and you wish to look at your earnings and capital gains tax position before you proceed any resources or take up new job.

We can advise on the setting up of trusts offshore and also the winding up of present structures that no longer serve their function.

Specialist Advice

  • for Non UK Domiciled and non UK resident individuals
  • establishing your domicile status
  • establishing Residence for individuals, companies and trusts
  • income tax and capital gains
  • the remittance basis
  • inheritance tax
  • offshore trust and company structures – setting up, restructuring and winding up
  • double taxation issues
  • the UK family home

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