6 July 2021

Which visa categories require endorsement?

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Before the Home Office considers your potential entrance clearance or future leave to remain application, some visa categories require a pre-assessment by an approved organisation. The following are the visa categories that are required to be endorsed:

Endorsing bodies for the Innovator and Start-up categories are private firms, with universities also acting as endorsing bodies for Start-up applications. There was great concern when the category first launched that it would solely be open to technology companies. This category is now available to all types of businesses, as long as you can demonstrate that your business idea is “new, feasible, and scalable.”

You must still meet the general standards above, even though each endorsing body has its unique method and criteria. The endorsing body will determine how this is shown.

If you get an endorsement, the endorsing body will have to check in with you at regular intervals to make sure your company is still meeting the requirements. Each potential leave to remain or indefinite leave to remain application based on the Innovator visa will also require a second endorsement. The Start-up visa does not result in a permanent residence.

Alternatively, the endorsing bodies for the Global Talent visa will differ depending on whether you want to be endorsed in one of the following fields:

  • Science, Engineering, Humanities, and Medicine
  • Arts and Culture
  • Architecture
  • Fashion
  • Film and Television
  • Digital Technology

You will be expected to demonstrate that you are either a game-changer in your industry or someone who has the potential to become one.

Covid-19 and the time it takes for the endorsement to be processed

An endorsement is only good for three months; therefore you’ll need to apply for a visa within that time frame. However, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, if you are granted an endorsement, the endorsing organisation will communicate with you to ensure that an endorsement is issued as soon as feasible.

Even though the visa application centres are presently closed, you must receive an endorsement before submitting any of the aforementioned sorts of applications. Prospective endorsement applications in any of the following categories are still being accepted.


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