Skilled Worker Sponsor License

A UK employer that recruit foreign workers must apply for a sponsor license. The sponsor license application is made only on the  and all the supporting documents are sent to the sponsorship management team. After sponsor license is approved, the employer can then recruit foreign talent under new Tier 2 General worker rules which is going to replace by skilled worker route with new Point based immigration system from 1 January 2021.

Main requirements for Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence Application

To apply for a skilled worker sponsor license, the employer must provide evidence to the UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) that the business is lawfully trading and has a genuine vacancy with required HR and recruitment process to monitor the foreign worker. The UKVI assess each application against a rigorous criterion to ensure the business complies with the rules and requirements of a licensed sponsor. In some cases, UKVI will expect to see the polices and procedure on a physical visit of the licensed premises.

Currently, a genuine vacancy to recruit a foreign worker is assessed through a Resident Labour Market Test also known as RLMT. The RLMT is a procedure in which an employer advertises the job vacancy according to the guidance published by UKVI to ensure the position cannot be filled by a settled worker in the UK.

Process of Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence Application

To apply for a sponsor, license the employer will complete an online application and pay the appropriate fee. Following the online application, a set of documents is required to be submitted to the UKVI to demonstrate trading and genuine vacancy within the business.

Sponsor license required documents:

An employer must include;

  • Business bank statement;
  • VAT registration certificate;
  • Certificate of employer’s liability insurance; and
  • Evidence of business premises.

All supporting documentation must be sent to UKVI within five working days of the online form being submitted.

Additionally, the employer is required to provide other general information relating to business. The requirements may vary depending on the business as set out by UKVI at Appendix A of the Sponsor Guidance. Majority of sponsor license application get a decision on skilled worker sponsor licence applications between 3to 8 weeks, but this may take longer if the UKVI is going to make a compliance visit

UKVI Compliance visit

In many cases prior to making a decision on a skilled worker sponsor licence application, UKVI may visit the organisation in order to carry out a compliance review in order to determine whether or not the organisation will offer genuine vacancies to overseas workers and will be capable of carrying out its sponsor duties.

As part of a compliance visit, UKVI carries out a number of checks, including a review of the organisation’s current practices, policies and HR procedures in order to ensure that it has suitable systems in place. If following a review, UKVI has any concerns, the application can be refused. It is therefore essential that the organisation reviews relevant systems and policies prior to submitting a sponsor licence application.

Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence Application: How we can help

UKVI will carefully scrutinise an application for a skilled worker sponsor licence. If it does not consider that an organisation is genuine, or it considers that any of the other requirements have not been met, the application will fall for refusal. It is therefore essential that the application is prepared thoroughly and carefully.

We are experienced in preparing skilled worker sponsor licence applications to ensure a successful outcome and will provide expert guidance and assistance to organisations throughout the process.

If your organisation requires legal assistance or you would just like to discuss your situation with one of our experts on a no-obligation basis, please give our team a call or make an online enquiry below.

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