12 January 2023

Introducing our new Landlord & Tenant department

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Our new team are landlord and tenant specialists with 13 years’ experience and has grown to become one of the country’s leading providers of support, advice and claims handling within residential lettings.

A hi-tech case management system running alongside our debt recovery system enables us to provide a highly efficient, cost-effective service in line with specific client needs.

The government has confirmed its intentions to repeal Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 in the May 2022 Queen’s Speech, as originally set out in the Renters’ Reform Bill released in late 2019, and “strengthen the rights of tenants.”

What’s changing for Section 21?

One of the proposed changes, as originally set out in the Renters’ Reform Bill, included in the briefing notes to the Queen’s Speech in 2019, is to remove Section 21.

The abolition of Section 21 would put an end to so-called “no-fault evictions” as part of the on-going project to create longer tenancies.

This means landlords will always need to provide their tenants with a reason for ending a tenancy.

When will Section 21 be abolished?

There is no proposed date for when the changes to Section 21 could come into effect. If you wish to instruct us to serve notice please call us on 0203 909 8399.

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